This is my family! These photos pretty much show their personalities frozen in time (well, my husband has a VERY goofy side too!). Joyful! That's what I call us (that is when we're not grumping at each other--just being real here)! I am really looking forward to a family photo session soon! :

Ps 139 Photography

Hey there! :) My name is Jen. Jen Jensen actually (yes, I know, it's cute)! I actually love it!  I’m so glad you’ve stopped by to get check out Ps 139 Photography! I hope I get the opportunity to get to know you too sometime very soon! We could go for "coffee" by the Lake, my treat! 

Check out a beautiful session on Madeline Island! It was a bit of rainy overcast day but we had so much fun! Ice cream, the lake, what joy!