Ps 139 Photography will genuinely care for you and bring you bright beautiful artwork, albums and items to your home that will bring you incredible joy for years to come!

Meet the artist behind the art.  


getting  married?


I'm so excited for you! I love weddings! The energy, the fun, the excitement! Come check out a section of my site just for you! I can't wait to meet you! 

graduating soon?


You are unique. You are incredibly talented. You have a special purpose. You are ALMOST done! Let's get the party going and celebrate with amazing photos!

toddlers & tweens, oh my!

Hang on!

You have kids. Me too. I know. It's crazy and wonderful and scary and fun all at once. Let's not miss out documenting these fun times! 



This is my family! These photos pretty much show their personalities frozen in time (well, my husband has a VERY goofy side too!). Joyful! That's what I call us (that is when we're not grumping at each other--just being real here)! 

Ps 139 Photography

Hey there! :) My name is Jen. Jen Jensen actually (yes, I know, it's cute)! I actually love it!  I’m so glad you’ve stopped by to check out Ps 139 Photography! I hope I get the opportunity to get to know you too sometime very soon! We could go for "coffee" by the Lake, my treat! 

Check out a beautiful session on Madeline Island! It was a bit of rainy overcast day but we had so much fun! Ice cream, the lake, what joy! 


rave reviews

I am humbled and grateful for each compliment! I'm always so thankful to work with such amazing people! Feel free to click through the photos below to hear what others are saying. 

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