Stormy Ashland Wisconsin Wedding at Freehands Farm

Tammy and Jacob are two of the sweetest people you could meet! Tammy loves cowboy boots, horses, dogs and any kind of animal actually! OH my! I had to chase down the tiny goats at the First Look location so she could get pictures with! Too cute!! Thought I'd be eaten by the tiny guard puppy but he stayed back, fewh!} Jacob likes the lake, and fish and sailing, canoeing, and kayaking! MOST OF ALL, they love each other. Actually both of them are adorably uncomfortable in front of the camera but oh my are they relaxed and so into each other when they get together for photos! It was physically noticeable! So cute! 

They had quite the weather for Amy and I to document that day as well! We went from hot to cool, to warm, to hot. From no wind, to crazy veil-taking wind, to a crazy wild storm to one of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen on one side of the farm and a RAINBOW on the other!! I wish the photos could do it all right, but I guess we just can't document the glory of God as well as we'd like! He blew everyone away with the sky-show that night! 

Congratulations Tammy & Jacob! You are a match made in heaven and we wish you the very best!!