Amazing Thyngs I now know...

What a priveledge it was to photograph these 4 amazing Thyngs plus Max! When I first moved to North Branch, Minnesota a sweet girl named Laura befriended me and often she would tell me that I needed to meet her good friend Jenni. Not just once did she tell me this but several times! The three of us were finally planning to meet for coffee at a shop in North Branch but Laura ended up not being able to come so I met Jenni on my own. We instantly dove deep and skipped the small talk. It was a joy! 

Jenni needed new headshots for her speaking and singing ministry Joy In All Seasons. I was completely honored to have her ask me to do them! I convinced her to bring her whole family and we were able to wait until a warmer day with a lot of amazing sunshine! Laura joined us and was a huge help! 

We had a bunch of fun and enjoyed the melting snow and sunshine! Don't forget that super cute Max! Check him out at the end!