Jackson & Kelsie ~ Duluth Engagement Session Seven Bridges Road

What a beautiful day for photographs! It was a very warm day for early May. The temperature was reading 85 degrees. I actually do not like being hot so I was a bit worried. I dressed to be sure I was going to stay cool....and.then.we.got.out of the cars to start shooting and it was only about 45 degrees! What?! That amazing Lake Superior can sure do a number on the weather and temperatures and even the wind. Still, even in the crazy fluctuating temperatures, it was still an amazing evening and we had so much fun! We laughed and enjoyed all the beautiful places! I've always wanted to do a session in Duluth and to think that it finally happened after I moved away from Ashland and the Lake! We'll be back in Wisconsin for the wedding and reception this summer! I can't wait to work with my favorite photographer on this wedding and to see this beautiful couple tie the knot! More adorable details on the wedding blog! Stay tuned--their story about the first day they met is super funny! :) By the way...after the session Kelsie texted to say it was still 85 up on the hill in Duluth.