Ashland Class of 2017 ~ Going places

While taking engagement photos of a new bride and groom getting married up here on Lake Superior Ethan's mom was hanging out with her friend at the beach and after I was done with the engagement session she asked me about Senior photography. We connected later that week and got things set up! Ethan chose his locations and got to shop in New York for his outfits! How cool is that to have an Aunt that lives there!?! 

On the day of Ethan's (or E's) session, we hung out and learned how to tie a tie and laughed together at my goofiness. (I'll do anything to make a client laugh! Well, almost anything!) I got a tour of his awesome boat house and I got to gush over his jeep and his awesome clothes! 

When I asked him what he wanted to do when he grew up, he wasn't sure, but whatever it is he'd like to be able to wear nice professional clothes! I'm sure he'll figure out soon enough what to do so he can dress up every weekday! Ethan is one of the drum majors for the Ashland High School band and is a National Honor Society member as well! With that and much more happening for you, I think you're going places Ethan! I wish you the best!