The Senior Experience

Mom and Dad, you can't believe she's a senior can you? I know! It goes so fast! All those little old ladies in the grocery store WERE right! Ugh. The brick on the head trick didn't work did it Dad? He grew up! He's taller than you maybe? (I know! My 11 year old is taller than me already!!). Let's share some laughs together and hopefully not too many Kleenex but take the opportunity to freeze this moment in time. We'll capture the personality of your senior for you to treasure forever. That smile will remind you of the laughs you had (when you weren't fighting with each other over a messy room or the car being out of gas AGAIN). That smirk will remind you of the times he tried to get away with asking you for money when he was already told no from your wife! The big eyes with those long eyelashes...oh man, that will remind you of the times she batted her beautiful eyes at you and yep, still had you wrapped around her little finger! I want to help you treasure these moments, freeze them in time as your student gets ready to launch out in a world of his or her own. This is a very special time not only for you but for your student. It's my desire to help your student see how amazingly beautiful they are inside and out! To rekindle the accurate view of themselves that maybe classmates or mistakes have squashed in them. Let me show them how beautiful they really are!  

Senior, we will have a blast, laughing and joking around, getting to know each other, talking about whatever future plans might be in the works (or not). You can pick your favorite location or two (or three?!) and your favorite outfits (I'll help if you need help). Girls, we can arrange for you to get your hair and makeup done. You can get pampered and feel super amazing! If you're a bit shy, I'll help you out with that, if you're confident and love the camera, tell me and then ROCK ON! ;) Let's make your senior portrait session as one of a kind as we can make it, showcasing your personality and having a ton of fun!

Check out the links below! I look forward to hearing from you! 

* Families can expect to spend between $600-1000. Payment plans are available.