The Family Experience

We want to help your children from a young age to your young person about to enter their senior year be able to see how wonderful and beautifully made they are! 

3 am a teen wakes her mom up after seeing her sneak peek..."Mom! Mom, I really AM beautiful!" Waa! If I were that mom I'd be weeping with joy! 
A toddler walks into her house after Mom and Dad hung up a large canvas of their family..."Momma! Momma! That's me! That's me!"  She would jump up and down saying this almost every time she came into her house! 

This is my heart's desire for you! Whether your child is younger or in the awkward time between elementary and teens, I want you and your family to find incredible JOY every time you see your artwork on your wall or turning the pages in your album and for everyone I photograph to see the true BEAUTY that is within and on the outside!