The Wedding Experience

Your wedding day should be enjoyable! Your day should be fun and relaxed and happy! Your wedding day should be your BEST.DAY.EVER!! 

As photographers we can't MAKE that happen but we sure can help it a long. A LOT. Over the years I have found that brides and grooms don't really know what they need on their wedding day or maybe even what they want, but I do! I know what I need to give them everything they're dreaming of from their day! 

Crabby people? Let me help with that. Chaos? I won't stress out. Wardrobe malfunction? We'll be patient and make the most of the time. Big noisy family? Got that too, so no problem!

Not only will you get amazing photographs, surprises along the way and a stunning album with your experience with me but we have fun, stay stress-free and the best part...become friends. I'm here from our first phone call, through planning your wedding, the engagement session, the BIG DAY and beyond. We'll laugh, we might cry and we'll laugh again! I can't wait! Let's get started!!

Wedding photography pricing varies so contact me for details...maybe you're eloping on Madeline Island or in Bayfield (then we need only a little coverage) or maybe you're going all out at the Brule River Barn or Apostle Highlands and you deserve a full day of coverage to catch every detail, emotion and smile. Let's customize what you need so you get all that you want! 

Below are some simple cell phone photos of the wedding album that I am so excited to offer! If you could just reach right in through your screen and feel these fabulous pages, you'd be amazed! Can you tell I'm in love with this album!?