Why don't I just get the digitals?

Do you have hundreds of images on your computer or on a disk or flash drives sitting in drawers? Do you have an outdated family portrait on your wall because there are so many photographers out there and you don't who who to choose? Have you had "print photos" on your to-do list forever because you don't have the time or don't know where or how to print your images or are worried that the print won't turn out? 

Do you wish you had joy-filled photos that you LOVE hanging on your walls but don't know where to begin? Let us at Ps 139 Photography walk alongside you through our photography experience so that your children (and you!) can see how amazing they are each day as they walk into the room with their beautiful face on the wall in your home. The little ones may squeal with delight! The older, more reserved ones may beam with pride on the inside knowing how loved and beautiful they are because they see with joy who they are right in front of them, not the often damaged and distorted view they have of themselves in their heads or in front of the mirror. Let's do this together! Contact me today!


What should I wear to my session?

First of all, type in a google search "what to wear photography" and add the season if you'd like. It will bring up a bazillion images with amazing color and clothing ideas and combinations!

Secondly, wear what makes you feel and look good! Something you love! 

Seniors choose a classic "you" outfit and something fun. 

Families, choose a combination of colors using that google search that coordinates with the part of your home decor where you will be hanging your largest wall art.